Trixters Pole & Aerial Circus School

Personal Training - Pole Fitness - Aerial Circus Classes - Weight Loss - Weight Training - Performance Dance Training - Competition Training - TEL: 07833102632  

                                 Fitness training like no other!! 


4 consecutive lesson, 1 class a week £28 or £10 single session. 1 person per pole, 60 minute session.

Monday 6pm

Thursday 6pm

Saturday 11am

£28 4 Classes

£10 Single Session


60 minute session 1 person per apparatus 6 people max per class

Monday 7pm & 8pm

Wednesday 7pm & 8pm 

£10 Single Session

See the video example below of a beginners sequence you will learn PLUS so much more in just 4 weeks! 

Burn calories, build upper body strength, increase flexibility, cardio, confidence, tone your entire body, make new friends and laugh a lot! 


 Pole dancing has well and truely spilled out of the gentleman's clubs and gone main stream for all the right reasons.   

Pole fitness burn's more calories than a regular gym workout.  It builds upper body strength gives you an amazing core workout, increases flexibility, shapes your waistline, tones your thighs and improves your posture.

Pole fitness will also build your self confidence, empower you as a woman and it's great fun too!!  

 Our pole dance classes welcome all ages, shapes and sizes, allowing you to learn in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  All classes are suitable for absolute beginners. 


At Trixters Pole fitness we have taken away the sleazy side of pole dancing to bring you a new and fun sport anyone at any age can get involved in. For young and old, big or small any occasion, we can teach anyone to climb and spin around a pole.


          Contact: 07833 102 632